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My n Antique Cocktail Shakers - Art Deco Cocktail Shakers - Antique Barewareame is Mark Bigler and I've been collecting Vintage and Antique Cocktail Shakers for many, many years now. It started in anticipation of a small basement bar that I was intent on having built. Back then I was given a New Cocktail Shaker for Christmas and I loved it, a few months later I saw an older glass shaker with a brass top in an antique store here in Ogden, Utah and bought it immediately. Well now since I had two, I guess that amounts to a collection and the search was on.

I then ran across a magazine article by Stephen Visakay describing the vast amount of vintage shakers made and I was hooked! I mailed Stephen (this was before email) and he was so great to give me lot's of information and support, he is the King. I was even able to participate with him at his Tales of the Cocktail Book signing and two of his symposiums in New Orleans.

Eventually my little bar was finally built and of course I had to have more. I now have a whole Shaker Room displaying many of the shakers but it holds only about 20% of what I have so I'm displaying them all over the house thanks to my patient and understanding wife. I would love to hear how you display yours and any more fun things about your collection.

Some fun facts!

  • I have been a panelist three times at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans. Two of those with the King, Steve Visakay!
  • Academy Awards gift bag, Kwiat jewelry purchased a Hawkes Cocktail Mixer and stirrer that they then added over 22 carats of
  • diamonds and platinum, then they made cocktail picks, each of them set with a 2 carat Diamond and Platinum. They then asked me in jest “Total value now is 250K.......Wanna buy it back?” They actually bought another Cocktail Mixer to make a matching set for the winner of the first one!kwiat before  kwiatdiamondset
  • I have an exhibit in the Museum of the American Cocktail located in New Orleans.
  • Forbes Life magazine said my site was "Where to find the good stuff".
  • Country Living Magazine featured my cocktail pick collection.
  • My Ruby Glass lady's leg Shaker was pictured in Maxim magazine.
  • I taught "Art of the Cocktail" classes locally at the Eccles Community Art Center.