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Cocktail Shakers

Spice up your Cocktail Parties with these great cocktail shakers both old and new.

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Huikee Swatow Pewter Dragon Cocktail Shaker

Dragon themed cocktail shaker made by Huikee Swatow, China. This is a huge cocktail shaker with a likeness of a dragon on it, in very good shape with a few shallow dents.


Huikee Swatow Pewter Dragon Cocktail Shaker

Great old dragon cocktail shaker. 


Stieff Sterling Silver Cocktail Shaker Trophy 1959

Shiny 1959 Stieff cocktail shaker


Heisey Orchid Etch Rooster Head Cocktail Shaker

Great little Hersey cocktail shaker. 


Ca 1900 George Shieber Sterling Silver Cocktail Shaker

Beautiful shaker in beautiful condition. 


Huge Heisey Glass Company Cocktail Shaker with Rooster top

Great looking shaker for large parties. 


Heisey Rooster Head Cocktail Shaker

Rooster stopper on this body.


Heisey Glass Hunt Scene and Rooster Head Topped Cocktail Shaker

Nice bird hunter scene and rooster head topper.