Vintage Cocktail Shakers & Bar Ware
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This is a ca 1930’s martini stir rod. It is made by the Hawkes Glass Co. and is in perfect shape. It is 12 ½” tall, made of glass with a sterling top cap and bottom strainer. It is marked Hawkes Sterling.

This was on loan to the Museum of the American Cocktail (MOTAC) from 2004 until January 2006. The Museum was located in The Pharmacy Museum in New Orleans.  They were then moved to the new museum located at The Commanders Palace inside the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas until November 2006.  It then went back to New Orleans inside the MOTAC at the Southern food and beverage museum until it found it's way home in 2018. To identify it at the Museum it has my green tag on the bottom which is easy to remove.