Vintage Cocktail Shakers & Bar Ware

Cocktail Shaker sets

Cocktail Shaker sets

These are special because they are sets and depending on the set may include cocktail shaker, glasses, tray, ice bucket and even candlestick holders.

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Mint Chase White Doric Cocktail Shaker set, Original Box

Great looking mint condition Chase White Doric Cocktail Shaker in box and cups 


Amber Czech Fox Hunting Cocktail Shaker set

Beautiful vintage cocktail shaker set in amber from Czechoslovakia 


Ca 1930s Hazel Atlas “Dancing Sailors” Cocktail set

Ice bucket and glasses to match your shaker


Ca 1930’s Revere Zephyr Cocktail Shaker set

Great set with shaker, cups and tray


Like New Chase Black Banded Gaiety Cocktail Shaker set in Original Boxes

Chase Cocktail Shaker and 4 glasses in almost new condition with original boxes and a tray


Farberware Bubble Cocktail Shaker Set

Like new Farberware cocktail shaker set, shaker, cups and tray.


Gold Banded Cocktail Shaker Set

Like new beautiful set