Vintage Cocktail Shakers & Bar Ware

Figural Cocktail Shakers

Figural Cocktail Shakers

How much amazing fun to serve your guests in these wonderful Vintage Figural Cocktail Shakers in the shape of Lighthouses, Penguins, Zeppelins, Bells, Roosters, Rockets et al.

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Hourglass Cocktail Shaker

Maxwell Phillip Time for Cocktails Cocktail Shaker


Mappin & Web Rare Figural Bell Cocktail Shaker

Great Condition Mappin and Webb Bell Cocktail Shaker. Sotheby's just sold one May 2020 for $2,375!!


Frosted Lady's Leg Vintage Cocktail Shaker set

Great looking and Rare in this condition. My collection.


Farberware Bubble Cocktail Shaker

Very rare with no handle version and original Catalin finial. My collection.


Museum Piece Farberware Bubble Cocktail Shaker Set

Complete Farberware cocktail shaker set, shaker, cups and tray. My collection


Golf Bag Cocktail Shaker by International Silver

Super desirable golf bag cocktail shaker. My collection


Ruby Glass Lady's Leg Cocktail Shaker set

Shake a Leg! Almost perfect condition Ruby Glass Lady's Leg Cocktail Shaker set. My collection


Rare 1927 Lighthouse Shaped Cocktail Shaker

This super rare shaker is huge, heavy and substantial.Sotheby's just sold one May 2020 for $17,500 with a non original top and a monogram!!


Chuck A Luck Cocktail Shaker and Game Cage

Use the metal insert to make a cocktail and remove it to shake the dice. My collection


Rare Gorgeous Golf Bag Cocktail Shaker Complete Set

Complete Golf Bag Cocktail Shaker Set by International Silver. My collection


Pottery Barn Locomotive Martini Cocktail Shaker

Woo, Woo Train is coming. And hopefully Cocktails Too! Just in time for the Holidays!


Napier Penguin Cocktail Shaker, wonderful!

Gorgeous Vintage Napier Penguin Cocktail Shaker in wonderful condition. Sotheby's just sold one May 2020 for $7,500!! 


JingleBell Vintage Cocktail Shaker

Great fun. Vintage 14” Cocktail Shaker shaped like a snowman with jingle bells attached.


Ruby Red Vintage Fire Extinguisher Cocktail Shaker

Beautiful, ruby red vintage fire extinguisher cocktail shaker.

Sotheby's just sold one similar to it May 2020 for $9,375


Gorham Artillery Vintage Cocktail Shaker

Very nice Facsimile Gorham artillery cocktail shaker. Hard to find!